White Paper Released

Our white paper, "Prevent Rotary Shouldered Connection Failure", has officially been released.
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The Gage Report

February 2015
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Gagemaker develops and manufactures innovative precision mechanical inspection equipment for the Oilfield, Mining, Water Well, Automotive and General Machining industries.  Recognized as the leading provider of Tapered & Straight Thread Measurement Gages, API Gages & Products, ISO, ANSI & ASME Thread Measurement, Engineering Software as well as Calibration Software & Equipment, Gagemaker products are used in countless facilities around the world.  Gagemaker’s commitment to actively developing new products along with their superb customer service has set the industry standard for 30 years.

Gagemaker strives to provide groundbreaking thread inspection solutions.


No Ring, No Plug, No Problem

Ever had to turn down an order because the ring gage or plug gage isn't available?  You'll never lose an order due to gage availability again.  Gagemaker's new Joint Strength System (JSS) make's you the only game in town that can thread and certify any RSC connection today.
The simplicity and affordability of the system makes it all that more attractive.  You now have more control over all the attributes that affect the performance of the connection.

Are you ready for 5B1?

When API releases the next revision of Spec 5B1, the industry will be able to bring their MRP gages out of the closet.  For over 25 years threading facilities have been using the MRP gage along with the ring and plug to accept or reject a threaded connector's quality.  When released, Spec 5B1 will allow a connector to be accepted soley on the use of the MRP and the rest of the thread element gages.

The MRP series of gages measure internal and external diameters of tapered threaded connectors. These gages use two specifically located pivoting thread shoes
that rest on the crests of the threads. Any variations in diameter are shown on the gage’s indicator.  The MRP gages must be preset to size before inspecting parts, and a variety of setting standard styles are available.

MRP, welcome to the Club!

Inspection tips #4350

Thread inspection using thread rolls make a lot of sense when you have a better understanding of how it all works.  Both the PG-6000 and RG-7000 gages use 2 thread rolls that are precision ground to seat into the thread form and contact the thread at the pitch line.  The gages are preset and zeroed to a calculated dimension for the particular thread being inspected.  The indicator on the gage reveals how the thread deviates from nominal size. This inspection is also known as a functional size inspection.  The thread rolls see variations in form, lead, taper, and height all at the same time just as a ring or plug gage does.  This is just another NOK (Nugget of Knowledge) from Jim Douglas.

TDWIN TAPER Update Coming

TDWIN Taper Software users will be pleased to hear we are getting closer to distributing our first update to the program.  As a result of user comments we have made several additions to the program.  Tubing and Casing drawings now have additional dimensions to help with programming.  We have added tool joint bevel diameters to the list of collar bevel diameters.  For those that get involved with macaroni tubing, the addition of the smaller NUE and EUE connectors will be a welcome addition.  Look for the update email soon!